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Matt Sicoli: Blue Vista 725
May 15, 2020
Today we chat with Matt Sicoli of Blue Vista 725, where we talk about theatre marketing, the world of barter, and how barter is adapting and expanding to other business niches during the start of this recession. We also jump into the world of LGBTQ+ influencers and barter, both in travel and theatre. | [LINK]
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Fabrice Houdart: Out Leadership
May 07, 2020
Today we caught up with Fabrice Houdart, head of Global Equality Initiatives for Out Leadership... we chat about some of his work starting at the UN, where he took the lead on LGBTQ+ Business Equality, spearheading partnerships with corporate brands around the world. His role at Out Leadership has been a natural evolution of that work. | [LINK]
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Ravi Roth
May 05, 2020
We just had an incredible chat with Ravi Roth of Ravi Round The World... an influencer, travel vlogger and NYC theatre actor all rolled into one! We chat about how his life and work have changed since the pandemic came into our lives, and we did not forget to include our favorite farm animal... goats!!! Watch midway through the show for excerpts from his most recent Glasgow footage. | [LINK]
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Richard Skipper
May 01, 2020
Today we caught up with our friend Richard Skipper... the last time we saw him was when he performed his cabaret variety show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC a few years back. We chat about his career, and our collective hope that the theatre and live performing arts returns to NYC soon. At 1:30 on the video timeline, catch our bonus clip of Richard Skipper performing live... he's AMAZING!!!... | [LINK]
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PrideLife w/.Gay and .LGBT domains
April 20, 2020
Today we join Scott Seitz and Jamie Baxter of PrideLife, an LGBT-certified domain name registrar, with .Gay and .LGBT their leading domains. Scott and Jamie tell us more about PrideLife, as well as the importance of a .Gay or .LGBT domain as both a website URL and as part of a company's diversity & inclusion outreach. | [LINK]
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